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This project was created as part of a group assignment at University. After receiving feedback from our initial pitch we had to work together to come up with a revised idea to create a game that attempted to evoke the emotion "calm."

As the project lead I organised the team using Trello and we communicated over Discord as a lot of the work was done from home.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak causing a great deal of disruption half way through production, a lot of the tasks fell in my lap. Luckily at this point my team had sorted out a majority of the assets required as well as getting some basic animations running. 

Aside from my organisational role, I completed the level design, gameplay and menu/HUD for the game as well as a majority of the scripts that were required to get the game playing from start to finish. I also created the logo and production video, drafting a script for the audio narrations.

I learned a great deal about time management and in using Trello for the first time, I have gained a valuable organisation tool that I now use all the time. The added curve-ball of a national pandemic certainly piled the stress on and showed that I work well under pressure, as a majority of the production was done by myself in the final weeks before the deadline! Luckily I had one lovely teammate who kept all of the paperwork in order and helped keep me sane.

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