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In my first year at University after a short introduction to Unity 2D, this was the product of an assignment used to show a simple example of some gameplay.

Featuring three levels and a basic menu, this is technically my first ever digital game!

During this project I learned the basics of the Unity editor and began getting to grips with Visual Studio, creating scripts in C#.

Using simple movement controls the player has to move around the 2D environment, shooting at buttons and obstacles to progress. Each time the player shoots, they lose 1HP and shrink a little in size. There are regeneration pads that can be found which will heal you and increase your size to normal, however some areas will require you to be smaller to proceed.

In order to shoot some buttons/targets the player character (PC) must be facing the correct way. To change directions you must find the specific directional pads that can be found around the game world.

I have plenty of ideas in future to create many different puzzles that will utilise the size differences of the PC as well as the directional and regen pads.

Now that my knowledge and experience has grown a great deal since creating this project, I am much more capable of bringing my initial ideas to fruition with this concept.

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Unzip and load executable


Projectile Dysfunction.zip 22 MB

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